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 Spectrum Industrial Cleaner  makes your tough Commercial and Industrial  jobs a snap, from restaurant kitchens, oily - greasy surfaces,  to shampooing dirty upholstery and carpeting.  Cigarette smoke is easily removed and tough stains are not a problem - no product will clean as many surfaces - guaranteed! 

 Orders include: Cleaning Tips, Mixing Guidelines, MSDS, and Sprayer Labels.  Below are listed just a few of the many benefits and capabilities.    More Info

Key Features

  • Concentrate - Reduce cleaning material costs

  • One product to inventory = 5 Different Cleaners safely made

  • Easily works on the Toughest Applications

  • Use on Interiors - Exteriors - Kitchens - Carpets - Ceilings


Baked on foods - Animal fat

 Product should be mixed heavy - spray on warm surface, allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes.  Agitate caked on foods or tough stains, then thoroughly remove with clean, non colored cloth.  Safe on microwave surfaces.

Carpets - Upholstery - Vinyl

 Product should be mixed medium - heavy.  Spray on stained area - agitate thoroughly with clean brush. Remove stain with clean, non colored cloth.  Spectrum is safe on all vinyl surfaces..  Crayons - Ink Stains - Black Mold can be removed.

Grease - Oily stains - Cigarette smoke removal

 Product should be mixed heavy - spray on surfaces - agitate with medium brush - allow mixture to work 1-2 minutes, then thoroughly rinse under high pressure or remove with clean, non colored cloth.

Blown Textured Ceilings - Drop Ceilings

 Concentrate and Hydrogen Peroxide are mixed in solution - lightly sprayed onto surface, resulting in a clean - bright ceiling when dried.


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